Viking RescYou PRO

The ultimate liferaft for all types of yachting and the perfect choice for ocean sailing.

  • 4, 6, 8 passangers

Viking RescYou offshore

Viking ResYou life raft ideal for cruising

  • 4, 6, 8 passangers

Viking RescYou Coastal

6 person COASTAL life raft - Smart solution for coastal sailing

  • 6 passangers

Red Handflare

Unique, compact, telescopic handle allows easy extension for safe operation and saves space when stowed in life rafts.

Smoke signal

The Comet life smoke is a small and compact distress signal for daylight use designed for stowage in life rafts.

Parachute signal rocket

MED +SOLAS Approved distress signalling parachute rocket.

Viking inflatable lifejacket PV9320

Approved according to SOLAS MSC 48(66) incl. 2010 amendments and EU-directive 96/98/EC

Seven OceanS® Emergency Drinking Water

Superior quality drinking water


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